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The most productive time to find savings through value engineering and budget operations review is early in the design process. Early, accurate, estimating is crucial to this process. The key to analyzing alternative systems and methods is understanding the relationship among building systems.

Our Value Engineering Process Include:

   Set-up initial project estimates, organize the costs by project phase, building system or construction specifications code. 

  Track all value engineering ideas on a Budget Options Log that corresponds to the baseline estimate format. This allows for quick comparison of potential cost savings per system.

  Formally review all documents produced for potential cost-savings alternatives at each design meeting.

  Conduct constructability reviews to assure completeness, coordination and build-ability of plans and specifications prior to subcontractor bidding.

  Analyze each value engineering items with the Design Team during pre-construction, and identify acceptable options.

  Request value engineering ideas from subcontractors during the bidding phase and investigate value engineering opportunities in each trade during the pre-award conferences with subcontractors.